M.V.P. Picks

by the Village Elliott

I remember hearing from my buddy, Nick:
“Both these guys well worth first-round pick;
One hits dingers, one threes,
Both will be M.V.P.s;
Pick both Buster and Steph Curry quick.”



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M.V.P. Picks: 2 Comments

  1. Elliott Kolker wrote,

    Nuclear Family
    The Village Elliott: 5/15

    When Steph’s daughter made MVP blink,
    I Said “Curry and daughter in sync,
    Think: Caroline’s new shoes
    Upstaged Daddy and news
    While world teetered on Nuclear Brink.”

  2. Elliott Kolker wrote,

    Family Men
    The Village Elliott: 5/14

    Stephen Curry, of Warriors Clan,
    Has been shown to be “Family Man,”
    Not the first one, my son,
    In Nineteen Eighty-One,
    By another, re-hooked as a fan.

    One year since met teen friend, Stinson Beach,
    Showed me Local Ropes, Baseball I’d teach,
    Weekly went to a game,
    Giants, A’s both the same,
    Season ends, “Wait till next year!” I’d preach.

    Friend said,”Let’s go to Warriors game,”
    I quipped, “Basketball isn’t the same
    Since Bob Pettit’s a Hawk,”
    He said, “Who?” then called, “Balk!
    Come on, it’s half-price night; Don’t be lame.”

    Double-Overtime Rebound Machine:
    New/Still Fav Warrior, post-game seen
    With Fam’ly at Denny’s
    Gets standing “O” when he’s
    “Daddy” Larry Smith, not “Mr. Mean.”

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