Manny Ramirez: When News Isn’t News

by James Finn Garner


Erstwhile Dodger savior Manny:
Did we doubt it’d come out like this?
If a story leaked you were a tranny,
The world would maybe feel amiss.

Our revulsion might yet arise
If cameras caught you fondling grannies,
But frankly it’s no big surprise
That juicing’s Manny being Manny.


Posted 5/11/09

Published in Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians, James Finn Garner, Los Angeles Dodgers, Players, Pure doggerel, Scandals | Link to this poem | 1 Comment

Manny Ramirez: When News Isn’t News: 1 Comment

  1. Hart Seely wrote,

    From now on, he’ll always be Manny the Tranny to me.

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