Masahiro Tanaka Can Do (Yankees-Mets, 5/15)

by Stephen Jones

With signature splitters
He retired Met hitters.
He pitched a 4-0 shutout,
Leaving some with little doubt.

Gunslinger David Cone did speak:
“His pitching control is truly elite.”
And Ron Darling, former Met, did chime:
“He just may be once-in-a-lifetime.”

And if his splitter wasn’t enough,
Tanaka showed other nasty stuff –
Fast ball, change up, slider, curve –
And at the plate had some nerve,

Hitting in the ninth inning a single.
It gave Girardi a fit, others a giggle,
And in the end seemed perfect garnish
For his on-the-mound dominance.

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Masahiro Tanaka Can Do (Yankees-Mets, 5/15): 1 Comment

  1. Jay Kenny wrote,

    Looking forward to seeing how long he can remain undefeated….But the Yanks still need more pitching help, with injury bug hitting them again. Somehow I don’t think plugging in Vidal Nuno will do it.

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