Mel Hall (Your Reward Has Just Begun)

by Sid Yiddish

Mel Hall

Thought he knew it all

That big ape

Doesn’t he know that rape carries a fine?

Plenty heavy like his deed

To satisfy his need


45 years is a mighty long time

To think about his crime

Is that what he said to his victim, while helping himself to a piece of the pie?


Back, back, back, hey, hey!




Some time in the slammer, Mr. Hall

Think you know it all?


Your reward has just begun.

Just begun.




Doing 20 won’t be enough


Just ask the little girl

Whom he thought he could do it with

And get away while stealing

Her innocence.


Posted 8/3/2009

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Mel Hall (Your Reward Has Just Begun): 1 Comment

  1. Rhonda Garth wrote,

    You are a Discusting Air Head that wrote that Rude Comment like an “APE” is you Dont know the story but ready to Judge Mr Hall Yeah after 10 Years a Girl goes to court and said he Molested her here ,there, everywhere OH she got RAPED I would be frightened to go any where with Mel Hall if I would of got Raped like she said at her home at his home on the road at the park Oh ALL those places wasn’t she scared to go and go and GO get raped time after time after time SHE IS A LIAR and a crazy girl that was Jealous of her Mother fail in Love with Mr Hall she got Angry that her mom left her dad and made up this Story!! I’ll get her and many of US!!!!!!!!!!!!Will TOO….
    We know the story and her Lies she put an Innocent Man behind Bars he di nothing but ood things to help us get a into good schools!! what a B—th and too Stupid ignorant person calling him an APE did you look in the Mirror ?
    Your a Stupid ASS…..Get a Life !!!!!!!

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