Melky Cabrera & PEDs

by Stephen Jones

He tried a ruse,
his website of connivance:

to create evidence
to block the truth,

to file a grievance
about his use,

to duck an investigation
of him & testosterone.

But the scheme unravelled.
Once MVP, he’s now suspended.

It has all tumbled far down,
cheers replaced by righteous frown.

Some have even snorted:
Melky should be deported.

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Melky Cabrera & PEDs: 3 Comments

  1. stu wrote,

    Really good!

  2. Jay Kenny wrote,

    Too bad about Melky Cabrera. When he was with the Yanks, I liked his hustle and enthusiasm and he seemed to be especially chummy with Robinson Cano. One thing about your verse, though—I don’t think Melky was ever the MVP for either league. About deporting him….does anyone think his offense is THAT serious?

  3. Hector wrote,

    Another good one Steve

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