Mets 2, KC 0

by Stephen Jones

Noah Syndergaard stormed ashore
Like a grim Viking ancestor.
He drew out a sword of destiny —
His unheard of slider of no pity —
And unleashed it on poor KC.


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Mets 2, KC 0: 3 Comments

  1. James Kenny wrote,

    Must be baseball season because Bardball is back. This Yankees fan bows down to the Mighty Thor and I have NO pity for “poor KC.” After all, they are the defending World Champs—-they’re a legitimate target now.

  2. Carl White wrote,

    He may indeed be one for the ages. Looking forward to his further development along with the rest of a extraordinarily talented and exceedingly mature (sans Harvey) starting four.

  3. Carl White wrote,

    Please forgive the grammatical gaffe “an extraordinarily talented….

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