Mets Fans’ Sad Lexicon

by Ron Kaplan

With apologies to Franklin Pierce Adams on the 100th anniversary of his original poem

These are the saddest words Mets fans could hear:
Ollie (Martinez) Perez.
Walking the enemy year after year:
Ollie (Martinez) Perez.
Taking his time as he misses his pitches,
Giving up homers to those sons of bitches,
All during which we don’t know where his brain is:
Ollie (Martinez) Perez.
Ron Kaplan is the features and sports editor of a New Jersey newspaper, and also runs Ron Kaplan’s Baseball Bookshelf, which is a must-read.

Posted 7/12/10

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Mets Fans’ Sad Lexicon: 3 Comments

  1. Akash wrote,

    Interesting trick. Rocco has one much like it. He lifts his paw when he greets new peolpe and pees on their foot. You have to be careful when they lift their paws. Oh, i get it. Ollie lifts his front paw.

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  3. Throwback Thursday (Massive links dump, continued) wrote,

    […] get poetry, I recently submitted a poem to Bardball and sure enough, in my “pocket” was another I had submitted a few years […]

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