National League Central 2010 Haiku Forecasts

by Stuart Shea

Whither the Starlin?
For now, he makes a nest out west
In loverly Des Moines.
Blah de blah de blah.
Pujols is going to be dealt.
When hell is frozen.
Old, boring players,
Mediocre announcers,
Fans that prefer football.
A Wolf is Riske,
But worth two in the Bush. Bring
Hoffman a Coffey.
I walk in the park
So pretty, green, bright, and lush.
Ugh! The Bucs play here.
Ardolis Chapman.
Good for 200 wins or shoulder problems,
It’s up to Dusty.


Posted 3/23/2010

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National League Central 2010 Haiku Forecasts: 3 Comments

  1. David wrote,

    Maybe the U.S. had advisors over there berfoe 1917..? More likely I think the soldier is with an Empire unit, perhaps a Canadian or NZ force. The “gullied” cloth hat is familiar to Canadians via the Mounties (federal mounted police corps). It was used I believe by the Canadian army too or parts of it in WW I and Wikipedia states that some NZ units also used it, so that could explain the photo as well. The Australians and some British Indian army regiments used a cloth hat too but I don’t think that’s the one pictured, the brim and crown suggest the Campaign Hat, IMO.Gary

  2. wrote,

    If I were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, now I’d say “Kowabunga, dude!”

  3. Renato wrote,

    Glad to see all these last minute erintes! Go zombies!Anon, so true isn’t it? Zombies must be dealt with swiftly to avoid a social collapse. Duh. How much money went into coming up with that brilliant gem of wisdom, I wonder?

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