National League West 2009 Haiku Forecasts

By Stuart Shea

What causes shadows
Gath’ring over Dodgertown?
Oh. It’s Manny’s hair.

Risky tightrope walk—
Using Felipe Lopez
As a regular.

If it rained all year
S.F. would avoid losing
100 ballgames.

No big stars, no hope
Dark days ahead for the fans
Despite bright Cali skies.

Jeff Francis’ arm
Wilted like Boston lettuce
Left out far too long.

Posted 3/25/09

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National League West 2009 Haiku Forecasts: 2 Comments

  1. Ahmad wrote,

    I really love this video! It cartepus all the tension, passion and thrill of the sport! The picture is crystal clear with beautiful slow motion shots and the edit has great pacing!

  2. Emmanuel wrote,

    Haha! I feel the same way when trying to run errndas. Of course, I also can’t stand the ones that speed like it’s a life or death emergency if they make it to McD’s.

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