National League West 2015 Spring Training Haiku

By Stuart Shea

One perfect lesson:
“Toughness” is no replacement
for smarts and talent

The car will not go
if Car-Go cannot go for
more than half the trip

If Vin Scully calls
a game on SportsNet LA,
does anyone hear?

Best way to catch flies?
Simple. Put shit in your field!
Oh, wait…they’ve tried that

The World Champions
now go begging for alms to
replace their lost pence


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National League West 2015 Spring Training Haiku: 2 Comments

  1. Mako Nikaidoh wrote,

    Very nice. I see what you did there.

  2. Celeste Johnston wrote,

    not sure if this is the submission section but I will proceed as if it is! these are a few snippets about the 2013 Giants.

    In this lost year…

    September was kinder to the Orange and Black. An Angel returned,
    Full happy and healthy. Missed more than could be imagined.
    Bright spark that had been taken from us in May after a moment
    Of pure but dearly purchased bliss. An Angel returned to the outfield.
    A team and its faithful rejoice to see him rounding the bases
    With remembered swiftness and passion. Happiness began again.
    An Angel returned to the outfield.

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