New Genius on Scene

by the Village Elliott

G.M. Billy Beane’s trading blunder,
Rent the A’s, “Money Ball” asunder.
.     Now new genius on scene
.     Is across the Bay seen;
Brian Sabean stole Beane’s thunder.


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New Genius on Scene: 1 Comment

  1. Jaskaranpreet wrote,

    bill gordonI’m not as cnecnroed by the process of campaigning as I am the diminishing number of quality people aspiring to serve in the process of governing. This may be a chicken/egg syndrome but attracting principled candidates to the races from both parties could reign in the managers and consultants to stop the nonsense.Ask the highly qualified people you know why they won’t run for office and you may find it’s not so much the campaining as the unwillingness to serve in the frustrating governing process.Can Billy Beane fix that?

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