Nighty-Night, White Sox

by James Finn Garner

Now we lay us down to sleep.
Who really thought that we could sweep?

We thought we had a chance at Central,
If Ozzie kept from going mental.

God, forgive us of our sins
And tell us why you made the Twins.

Tell us why we let go Thome,
Then brought in that dreadlocked phony.

Thank you for our newfound heroes,
For Edwin Jackson, Alex Rios,

Thank you for our older guard,
Thanks for Paulie going yard.

Please keep the squad from getting creaky.
Make sure A.J. keeps playing sneaky.

Now we’ll watch the Hawks and Bears,
Trying to ignore our fears

Of Kenny really signing Manny
And Ozzie going to Miami.


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Nighty-Night, White Sox: 2 Comments

  1. Laurie Schuh wrote,

    Great poem…sorry about the Sox, though.

  2. James Finn Garner wrote,

    Yeah, well, not like it was a surprise. Next year they have to injure more of the Twins.

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