On the Lack of Any Exciting Division Races

by James Finn Garner

I’ll prob’ly buy some bags of mulch
And mix them in the garden.
Kids’ homework sure could use my touch.
College football’s starting.

The DVDs of “Breaking Bad”,
They won’t watch themselves.
Tomatoes are almost set to can.
The basement needs more shelves.

Cold mornings tell us now it’s fall
But before the snows arrive,
I long for the days when baseball
Lasted six months, not just five.

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On the Lack of Any Exciting Division Races: 4 Comments

  1. Roderic Nelson wrote,

    Bravo! Though Fall arrives in Michigan with hopes of an extended Indian Summer, I only wish that there was more drama to play out going down to the wire.

  2. Stu wrote,

    Really nice one, Jim.

  3. James Finn Garner wrote,

    Thanks, Stu!

  4. Hilary Barta wrote,

    Grosses Me Out

    In baseball the notion of parity
    is raised with a dose of hilarity
    Dividing the money
    just strikes them as funny
    So races quite close are a rarity

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