Yankees 6, Astros 4

by Stephen Jones

Home field advantage — it means
A lot. So does heart. Right now,
The difference between the two
May be measured in intangibles —
Not measurables — and quirks
Of the game. This series … it may go
The distance — like two heavyweights
Who circle each other, mixing skill
And brute force, and each waiting….


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Aghast from the Past

by Jim Siergey

A far cry from the slack days of Banks
Simply for that, the faithful give thanks
Repeat dreams grow black
This year’s a throwback
It looks like the Dodgers and Yanks


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Yu Got What It Takes

By James Finn Garner

A hard-charging slugger is Yu
On a par with Yaz, Kruk or Klu
Driving in runs
By the pound! By the ton!
Though Carl Jr. lent a hand, too.


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Pen of Bull

by James Finn Garner

Strop, Rondon, Duensing and Edwards
Nothing instigates dread like these words

Edwards, Duensing, Strop and Rondon
Strewing more walks than a team can condone

Rondon, Duensing, Edwards and Strop
Barren of any resilience or hope

Edwards, Strop, Rondon and Duensing
Fill me in later ‘cuz I can’t keep watching


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But Woe is Three!

by Hilary Barta

Golden leaves on October winds blow
And relievers don’t know how to throw
Can Kyle Hendricks complete?
Will they send in red meat?
How I grieve for the bullpen of woe.


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Rue Confessions

Yankees 5, Astros 0

Yankees 6, Astros 4

Aghast from the Past

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