The Say What Kid

By Michael X. Ferraro

Hunter Pence fell down, went boom
with the ball still in the air.
But Giants fans, strike the gloom–
he made a recumbent snare!

Hunter Pence just made the most ridiculous catch of 2016.


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Tinker to Evers to Chance

by Peter Gordon

This second-most-famous baseball poem, by FPA,
Features these three turning double plays

When the game and league were young
“Take Me Out to the Ballgame” unsung

Their wins record in ’06 remains unbroken
Just like their great deeds remain unspoken

On the diamond their choreography
Like Astaire, Rogers and Gene Kelly

You may not know they hated each other
Quarreled worse than spurned lovers

Evers, the Crab, the agitator
Chance, Peerless Leader, peace maker

Tinker’s steady play kept it together
One of the greatest when he flashed leather

They led the Cubs to World Series wins
Not knowing none would come again

Left during the teens without backward waves
Evers 1914 MVP for the Miracle Braves

Chance led the Yankees before they were great
Tinker made a fortune in real estate

Some say they don’t belong in the Hall
I say count their wins: over 1,000 in all.


Peter M. Gordon recently published his second poetry book, Let’s Play Two: Poems About Baseball, available on His poems have appeared in Slipstream, 34th Parallel, The Journal of Florida Literature, and several other magazines, anthologies and websites. He currently teaches in Full Sail University’s Film MFA program.

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by the Village Elliott

In honor of Gaylord Perry, whose statue was unveiled at Pac Bell Park on Saturday:

Giant statue of Giant legit,
Cy Young sculptured bronze polished in spit.
Cooperstown ends career,
Hurler started right here:
Gaylord Perry expectorates it.


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“Bill Lee” by Warren Zevon

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The True Godfather of Our Game

by the Village Elliott

For Daniel Lucius “Doc” Adams (11/1/1814-1/3/1899)

Doc Adams, with newly claimed fame,
Now “The Man” whom historians name–
Not Doubleday, not Wright,
Or Doc’s teammate, Cartwright–
As “The True Godfather of Our Game.”


For more on Adams and his hand in drafting the “Laws of Baseball” as president of the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club, click here.

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