Birds of a Feather

by Stephen Jones

Somehow, it seems,
The Oriole team
Has switched feathers
With their KC brothers.

Now they’re blue,
Don’t know what to do,
While Royals are tweeting
This Baltimore beating.


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Your Daily Affirmation, from Brad Ausmus

by James Finn Garner

Don’t be glum
Don’t ask why
Albuquerque’s just a 6th inning guy

Don’t you fret
Don’t you worry
After the 7th, we’ll turn to Soria

Don’t lose hope
Just have faith — when
It’s down to one inning, we’ll bring in Nathan

No matter where
Or what or when,
I’m skipper, and would do it all again.


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Tweet, Tweet

by Jim Siergey

Excuse me for writing these words
but something like this can emerge.
If Giants are felled
and Royals are quelled,
this series will be … for the birds.


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Locker Room Ammunition

by Stephen Jones

Drubbing the Orioles in their own Camden Yards,
The KC Royals are now boasting with pride:
“Lord Baltimore — you won’t go home again.”

Some souls might disagree, warn the team:
“Hey, careful what you wish for, prideful KC.
Your words can make angry birds more angry.”


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To the Fans: What Do You Want?

by Stephen Jones

“It seems all the offense has gone away
From the games of this October play.”
Fans—you may voice dissatisfaction,
But your recall?  Less than perfection.

You don’t go clamor to the MLB:
“Get rid of steroids—now—1, 2, 3,”
And then, irate, turn to complain
When you get a low-scoring game.

The long-ball, tape-measure circus is done –
And for the most part, its PEDs gone –
But maybe suffocating pitching’s the reason
For all the goose eggs this playoff season.

Whatever else, it’s worth repeating:
You can’t have it both ways this playoff season.


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Bye-Bye, Birdie

Cubs Lose!

Birds of a Feather

Your Daily Affirmation, from Brad Ausmus

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