Baseball Altamont

by the Nightmares


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Ever Linked

by the Village Elliott

Pitcher Milt Pappas claimed he was dissed.
“I belong in the Hall,” he’d insist,
“Just like Catfish, Big D–
If they’re in, why not me?”
His argument, voters still resist.

Some fans think the impact Pappas made
As much off-field as on when Milt played;
“Clubhouse lawyer,” some said,
Even now that he’s dead,
Ever linked to Frank Robinson trade.


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16 Runs and What Do You Get?

by Hilary Barta

Cubs were better, and hit rapid-clip
It was wet, but their mitts didn’t slip
Their defense was proficient
Jake intense and omniscient
Arrieta no sweat, Cincy ZIP.


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Oakland Sweeps Yankees

by Stephen Jones

Don’t kill the pitchers
Pinstripe offense anemic
Yankees brushed aside


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Ol’ Ketchup Sock Does It Again

by James Finn Garner

Transphobic remarks
A predictable mark
On the post-game career of Curt Schilling.
Not out of synch
with how this dolt thinks,
But ESPN always proved willing

To give him a pass,
Jock sniff and kiss ass–
Somewhere else, he’d’ve been canned in a trice.
To call his “free” speech
Is a ridiculous reach,
With hate, fear and regression the price.


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Ever Linked

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