Redbird October

by Steven D. Johnson

I love America
.    I love Fall
.        I love October
.            I love baseball

Now September is here
October is near!
“Let’s Go Cardinals!”
The St. Louis fans cheer

In unwritten October saga
.    who will get the win?
.        Waino, Miller, Wacha,
.            Lackey, and Lance Lynn!

It’s the top of the first and the Cards field with grace
Bourjos in center field to Wong at second base
Then top of the lineup, Matheny will say,
“is Carpenter, Jay, and Matt Holliday”

I love America.  I love Fall.
.     I love St. Louis Cardinals baseball!

Now it’s bottom of the fifth.  Our first baseman is at bat –
last name Adams, first name Matt
With Peralta on deck and Molina in the hole
the Redbirds will surely give it body and soul

In Busch Stadium – baseball heaven
.    “Go Cards!” is our song
.        “Go Waino!”  “Go Wacha!”
.            “Go Yadi!”  “Go Wong!”

Now in the 7th
from the bullpen is sought
Maness or Freeman
Martinez or Motte

The Cards lead by one
and our pitchers get the call
Eighth inning, Neshek
Ninth, Rosenthal!

I love America
.    I love Fall
.        I love October
.            and I love baseball!


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This is Just to Say, from the White Sox

by James Finn Garner

With apologies to William Carlos Williams

We have traded
Adam Dunn
who was clogging
the payroll

to the A’s
in a pennant race
for a bag
of rocks

Forgive us
he was ridiculous
so whiffable
and so old


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Joe Torre Day (08/23/2014) at Yankee Stadium

by Stephen Jones

His #6 was retired.
His quiet demeanor was honored
When his plaque was unveiled
In Monument Park.

It’s “Joe Torre Day”
And right now, some say
He still should be skipper
In the Yankee dugout.

As a manager he cared less
About metrics and the rest.
He made “championship” real
Because he cared about people.

He once said competing
Is not alone about winning.
It’s all about preparation,
Courage, understanding
And, as he knew,
Nurturing the people and heart.


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Moe Berg

by The Village Elliott

Moe Berg was both a catcher and spy,
And the Big Leagues’ most erudite guy.
Spoke languages many,
But couldn’t hit in any
Unless curve ball hung up “lettered” high.



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Literal Relief

by Jim Siergey

Chicago is wondering where
the Sox got their “firemen” from.
I only can ponder that they’re
from Fahrenheit Four Fifty-One.


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