Heart’s Dear Memory

by the village Elliott

For Mirian Cepeda, d. 4/12/17

‘Tis a sad day for Jints’ family
Mirian has passed into history.
Mrs. Cha Cha, though passed,
Left her love that will last
In hearts filled with her dear memory.


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Bob Dylan’s 2017 Forecast: “I Shall Be Released”

by Jim Siergey and James Finn Garner

They say ev’ryone can be replaced
Yet every lefty is still here
So I try to play second base
Or third or short or anywhere

.    I only bat .190
.    So my chances do decrease
.    Any day now, any day now
.    I shall be released

They say ev’ry man needs protection
They say you keep your eyes on that ball
The marketing guys aren’t my rooting section
My agent won’t return my calls

.    I’m in the B-game lineup
.    Starting to feel it’s just a tease
.    Any day now, any day now,
.    I shall be released

Standing next to me around the cage
Is a stud too young to buy a beer
He wants to gain the wisdom that comes with age
But I just want to play another year

.    I see the rookies rise up
.    Big potential, play for cheap
.    Any day now, any day now,
.    I shall be released


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Tim Tebow Debut

by Stephen Jones

It’s Tebow Mania
In South Carolina:
The media frenzy,
Demand for his jersey . . .

Not since Michael Jordan
Has there been such stardom.

But after one Class A homer,
Is Tim Tebow the savior
Of all minor league players
Who dream big, of the majors?

It may sound so corny,
But his answer may be:

A big heart
Is a mighty big coach.


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One Less Brownie

by the Village Elliott

For Roy Sievers (11/18/1926 — 4/3/2017)

Roy Sievers was a St. Louis Brown
Rookie of the Year in his home town
Biggest Senators star
In the ’50s, by far
One of last of the Browns to go down.


Fun fact: Roy was a double for Tab Hunter as Joe Hardy in the movie trailer for Damn Yankees.


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Colón’s Legacy

by Monica DeRee

Colón’s a fan favorite
At age 43
Returned to New York
Crowd screaming “Big Sexy!”

A Braves pitcher now
Bartolo took the mound
Struck out six
Only one run allowed

Big Sexy’s reign continues
We must watch in awe
His solo home run
Still the best we ever saw


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