Deja P.U.

by Hilary Barta

An unhappy, recurring motif
Is the crappy Cubs middle relief
With the pitching this weak
If they can’t fix the leak
Then the Champ’s repeat bid will be brief.


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Walk Off

No doubt the Cubs pen is undermanned
A slight kink in Theo’s master plan
We all have heard the “Spahn-Sain-rain” trope
Now it’s “Edwards, Strop and give up hope”

So Maddon chose to call up Lack
(Keeping Davis in deep freeze?)
Bad choice, too late to take it back
Turner crushes it to Los Feliz

Walk off
Walk off
Walk off
Walk off…


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La La Land

by Hilary Barta

If today they seem aimless and murky
And their play in the game less than perky
The Cubs’ flight went astray
Wasn’t right to LA
I say we should blame Albuquerque.


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Yankees/Astros ALCS

by Stephen Jones

Ancient history:
Primitive man used a club
So do both these teams


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The Wreck of the Boston Red Sox

by HoraceClark66

The legend lives on
From the Bambino on down
Of the team that folds like a patsy
The Fens, it said,
Always throws up its dead
When the winds of November come early

The Sox were the pride
Of the MLB side
With a team that was certain to win it
A roster so sweet
That they let the boys cheat
And said scarcely a word ag’in it

They had Sale on the mound
And Price who would pound
Any old man who dared to offend him
And Porcello who
You knew would come through
And too many others to mention

The outfield was young
Their praises were sung
Above all the Babe Benintendi
They did a cute dance
And around they would prance
When the team it won so bigly

They were handed the East
Which was the least
MLB could do for their story
Then they’d run through the ‘Stros
And the bows and arrows
And go straight to the Series and glory

But Nuni’s knee gave
Then their main Sale caved
And the Olde Towne Team was hurtin’
Then Pomeranz fell
And Kimbrel went to hell
And another big choke, it was lurkin’

Does any man know
Where the love of God goes
When the hits turn the innings to hours?

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