Captain Nepotism

by Hilary Barta

Stupendous long blasts have been struck!
Tremendous big bats run amok!
The game has gone mad!
It’s shameless and bad!
Please end this at last! Dump Joe Buck!


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Special Interest Fan

by Raphael Badagliacci

I like the Dodgers.
I like the Astros.
I like the winding,
Treacherous way
Every bit of every game
I root for certain earthly aspects
That give a glimpse of heaven:
My love seen through the upstairs windows
And yet another Game Seven.


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That’ll Show ‘Em

by Jim Siergey

A homer! I caught it. Look, see?
So many would love to be me!
But, not from a ‘Stro (shit!)
So back I must throw it
to prove I have team loyalty.


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Roger Angell Needs His Sleep!

by James Finn Garner

Loitering near history’s portals,
The aces proved to be mere mortals
And all the vaunted firemen
Sprinkled gas again and again.
No margin safe, no lead secure.
“Mighty Bregman”? Why not, sure!
Houston’s muggy, the balls are juiced
Hitters snort antler of moose.

Whate’er excuse, my answer remains:
Baseball is the greatest game.


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Over-Managers Wanted

by Raphael Badagliacca

Seeking applicants
Who are mystical
About everything statistical.
Ability to count
A major prerequisite.
So is inability
To just patiently sit.
At critical moments
Must promise not to look
At the guy on the mound.
Go instead by the book.
Need a quick hook.


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