PEDs & Baseball

by Stephen Jones

Pretty compelling stuff, riders in the rough
Who enhance their mark on baseball history
Sparked by drugs.  Maybe, just maybe

MLB is to blame.  It sees profit & loss,
No, the essentials – financial gain –
And thinks, so long as it happened

Quietly, it is baseball gain.
So these riders of rawhide pitches
Made some switches, made some deals

With the eels of sports.  But my thought
Is this: Once we, the fans, have tasted
Better, is it so easy to accept lesser?


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PEDs & Baseball: 1 Comment

  1. stu wrote,

    A key question. Certainly MLB is to blame for 1) lax enforcement of existing rules, 2) willing blindness to violations of said rules, and 3) hypocrisy once the deception was discovered.

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