Poem on Lou Gehrig’s Award

by John Kiernan

On this date in 1939, the Yankees held a special ceremony to bid farewell to one of the greatest players in history. This poem was inscribed on the trophy they presented to the Iron Horse that day.

We’ve been to the wars together;
We took our foes as they came;
And always you were the leader,
And ever you played the game.
Idol of cheering millions,
Records are yours by sheaves;
Iron of frame they hailed you
Decked you with laurel leaves.
But higher than that we hold you,
We who have known you best;
Knowing the way you came through
Every human test.
Let this be a silent token
Of lasting Friendship’s gleam,
And all that we’ve left unspoken;
Your Pals of the Yankees Team.


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Poem on Lou Gehrig’s Award: 1 Comment

  1. Bill Emblom wrote,

    I memorized this poem several decades ago.

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