Pork Haiku #1

By Gary Gillette

In honor of broadcaster Mario Impemba who, during the April 12 Tigers broadcast, talked about how Royals skipper Trey Hillman had managed the “Ham Fighters”…


Nippon Ham Fighters!
WTF? Americans
Fear Pugnacious Pork.


Posted 4/29/10

Published in Detroit Tigers, Fans, Food, Haiku, History, Kansas City Royals | Link to this poem | 2 Comments

Pork Haiku #1: 2 Comments

  1. James Finn Garner wrote,

    I think the team is owned by the Nippon Ham Company. It would be fun to cheer for them, I think.

    Go, Piggies, Go! Pork pork pork!

  2. Stu wrote,

    Yes, it is owned by Nippon Ham. But why they’re referred to as the “Ham Fighters” is beyond me. They should just be the “fighters”, no?

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