Portland Beavers, RIP, 1903-2010

by James Finn Garner

So Portland says “Bye” to its Beavers.
Among diamond fans there are grievers.
Their park’s money stream
Brought a new soccer team
And a melon bounced by dusky divas.

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Portland Beavers, RIP, 1903-2010: 1 Comment

  1. James wrote,

    They did look into using the Coatney Hill site. The tower would have to go up another 50 feet. This would pose a fihglt pattern problem (helicopter on Bungay Hill Rd.). The last tower that was proposed on Route 198 was shot down for the same reason, fihglt pattern obstruction.So now they go to a lower altitude and just go a little higher with the tower to compensate for loss of line of sight’ but still stay out of the fihglt pattern. Roland has plenty of alternate patterns to approach his airport, according to the siting council.The health issues must only be relevant in Woodstock. In Southbridge they have them in church towers and on the fire departments. In Florida and other states they place them on schools so the towns can get some cash and I have yet to see a concerned mother not use her cell phone around her children. For that matter most of the kids are the ones with them stuck in their ears. NO, there isn’t a difference! A signal is a signal no matter where it is received or relayed from.Getting cell service in West Woodstock is spotty at best. A tower in this area is going to happen, sooner or later. It will have people owning property abutting it. No matter where it’s located or when it happens the NIMBYs will bubble up. For the past 15+ years of the siting council they have heard all of the reasons why a tower is not a good neighbor but they really look at it from a different perspective.

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