Predicted Sweep

by the Village Elliott

Sweeping Giants at Wrigley makes clear:
Cubs are young team Chicago can cheer.
Will prediction come true
(Back to the Future, Part II),
And the Cubs win World Series this year?


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Predicted Sweep: 3 Comments

  1. Cardinal Fan wrote,

    Um, no.

  2. Elliott Kolker wrote,

    To Cardinal Fan: Being from St. Louis and a Cardinal fan myself. I agree with you. But my mother is from Chicago, so I don’t despise the Cubs. Moreover, I attended Jr. High and played poker in high school with Bob Gale, writer/producer of the Back to the Future movies. And while I think he was gpofin’ on the Cubs, I would like to jump on their band wagon. But I am constitutionally unable to do so other than in a poem.

  3. James Finn Garner wrote,

    I had thought their leading hitter, Anthony Rizzo, had been around so long that he must be 29. Turns out he’s 25, and the elder statesman. It will be an interesting next 5 years, gentlemen.

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