Presidential Lox

by James Finn Garner

It’s tradition on Opening Day:
The Prez puts the first ball in play,
But with his miniscule mitts,
The Donald just quits
And tweets, “Baseball’s for losers anyway.”


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Presidential Lox: 3 Comments

  1. James Finn Garner wrote,

    From Hilary Barta:

    He’s bossy, he’s rich, he’s a hawk
    But cross him, he’ll bitch and he’ll squawk
    Disgraceful, this POTUS
    Puts baseball on notice
    “Why toss the first pitch? I can balk!”

  2. James Finn Garner wrote,

    From Jim Siergey:

    It’s not that he wants to be rude
    Or act like a prig or a prude
    His reason to ditch
    Tossing out the first pitch
    Is cuz he can’t stand to be booed

  3. Hilary Barta wrote,


    Orange hairdo wind-blown in a swirl,
    Donnie stares down to home, here’s the hurl…
    With executive ordure,
    A wall on the border,
    Who cares that he throws like a girl?

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