Rainy Night

By Stuart Shea

Rain pours down
drenching everything.
The season has ten days left.

Why does the fall always try us?
Why must you need to be brave?

If I stay still I will not wake you.
If only the rain would stop,
my thoughts would not try to drown it out
and we could both sleep.

Dream of baseball. Can I?
The Giants and Cardinals are making a late run.
They’re fighting for their lives…
their playoff lives.

“Fighting for their lives.”
Where we’re living,
That sounds so stupid now,
so totally stupid.

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Rainy Night: 3 Comments

  1. Stephen Jones wrote,

    Like this, Stu.

    And the hyperbole of baseball/sports commentators should be tempered.

  2. Todd wrote,

    Touching. I’m totally with you Stu.

  3. Maria wrote,

    The sweetest reevnge would be to sell it to someone who would actually market games on the site, and have it gain rank in Google. THEN the owner won’t be so happy to have a competitor in the top search results!!!QRReader.org is page 1 of Bing. The ones who were slow to develop their QR reader domains are probably frustrated when they see that! Google is taking a little longer I think it’s been sandboxed, because of all the changes.

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