by Stephen Jones

The Yankees this year will never be
As good as yesterday season-memory.

In New York, expectations always run high –
and less-than-perfect, it’s tabloid banner.
Win-or-lose, even with honor,
Is not an option.  Which explains why

The blue sky is full of “ifs & buts.”
On a score card yesterday players –
So many fill the dugout,
A garage of rust, of classic cars –

Make a difference?  Tradition does.
Garage emptied, the team will reload.


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Reflection: 4 Comments

  1. TP wrote,

    The Yanks this year over-leaked their thin blue blood
    Scoured the coal mines of nostalgia too markedly
    Pushed fading legends too hard
    Drew too hungrily at the well of loyalty
    They had nothing left in four games at Fenway
    Performed by empty uniforms too well-tailored to care
    Too bad there’s no soul bare.

  2. Stephen Jones wrote,

    Well done, “TP.” (And how is Boston?)

  3. James Finn Garner wrote,

    Nice job, TP!

  4. Stephen Jones wrote,

    What TP wrote is better. I bow his skill.

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