Requiem for Sam Henry

by Becky Binks

Late autumn brings damp and rain;
The baseball season is over again.
The Redbirds were soaring;
Their fans were roaring.
And Texas went home empty-handed.

The holidays and new year’s come,
Bringing dreams of series rings to everyone.
The hot stoves start burning,
With free agent yearning,
And revulse at the salaries commanded.

Spring brings tulips and green grass.
Training and opening day are here at last.
Northern fans bundle for the game,
Southern weather is a lot more tame.
And all hope to catch a foul single-handed.

The late Samuel Henry Donham (a college and semi-pro first baseman whose career ended in injury, and later a junior high baseball coach) instilled a love of baseball in his family, including his daughter-in-law Becky. She is a longtime Cubs fan whose faith is wavering.

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Requiem for Sam Henry: 2 Comments

  1. Stephen Jones wrote,

    Becky –

    Let not fan-dom waiver
    Cubs baseball a quaiver
    Now next season
    a good reason
    to penant wave with furvor

  2. Stephen Jones wrote,

    I meant “fervor”.

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