Robbie Cano

by Hart Seely

Robbie Cano,
He’s very rich.
Robbie Cano,
Won’t take a pitch.

Robbie Cano,
Both night and day,
Robbie Cano,
Just swings away.

Robbie Cano,
In spring and fall,
Robbie Cano,
Won’t take a ball.

Robbie Cano,
Makes too much dough,
Robbie Cano,
He’s gotta go.


Hart Seely is the author of  Mother Goose Goes to Washington, as well as Oh Holy Cow: The Selected Verse of Phil Rizzuto, newly released in a 15th-anniversary edition. He often hangs around the Yankee website, It is High, It is Far, It is….caught, offering tasteful and constructive comments to management and players alike.

Posted 4/8/09

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