Say Eh, Felix Pie, Say Eh! (With Slight Apologies To Willie Mays)

by Sid Yiddish

Say eh, Felix Pie, say eh!
Does it hurt much today?

I gather it’s worse than being strapped to a totem, than to have so much publicity attached to your torsioned scrotum.
Though humbling it seems, it happened in the winter, still it’s a true calamity, for it makes men squeal like girls by boys who given them toys like diamond rings, fur coats and shiny new cars.
Be that as it may, only a scar will hide away the familiarity with the actual case; no longer will it be based on balls, nor will it be having a ball, ‘coz now it’ll be harder, not as in boner, though…

It will still be tougher saving face.

So, say eh, Felix Pie, just say eh!
Does it really hurt that much today?

Posted 4/11/08 

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