Say “Hi” To Gary Carter

by Stephen Jones

Say “Hi” to “The Kid”

who never missed a beat/bat
of enthusiasm & protocol

even when his locker room
teammates were elsewhere

who believed baseball is a game
not of dollars & nonsense

who never cursed ‘cept once
in Game 6 the ’86 World Series

when on first base he swore
“I will not lose this damn game”

heart owning the whole thing
& who maintained a standard

beyond “behind home plate”
& something we could all learn from


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Say “Hi” To Gary Carter: 1 Comment

  1. Stephen Jones wrote,

    To add:

    The one who never
    Missed a game
    Leader of the team
    In everything but name


    Alone in a locker room
    Of wild
    He the only one
    Who didn’t act a child

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