Season’s Last Day Oakland Sportswriter Blues

By Stuart Shea

The Cardinals are blanking the Astros again,
And they’ll make the playoffs if the Braves can’t win.
I wish I was there for this wild-card craze,
But I’m stuck in Seattle covering the A’s.

Hey! Tampa came back from a 7-0 hole,
Dan Johnson just tied it–right off the foul pole!
I’d love to be seeing the Yankees and Rays,
But I’m stuck in Seattle covering the A’s.

Did Baltimore really just walk off the Sox?
And Papelbon pull one more of his rocks?
So Tampa and St. Lou are in. I’m amazed
That I’m stuck in Seattle covering the A’s.

It’s cold in this pressbox at Safeco Field,
And watching a meaningless game is the yield.
The action is elsewhere, and it’s one of those days.
I’m stuck in Seattle covering the A’s.

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Season’s Last Day Oakland Sportswriter Blues: 7 Comments

  1. Norm Knott wrote,

    Nicely done.

  2. Todd wrote,

    At least … Moneyball is playing in the theaters. The last iteration of the A’s glory days.

  3. Cary Donham wrote,

    Very nice. Felt the same way watching the Cubs gum up their last game against the equally woeful Padres (both 71-91).

  4. Ember Nickel wrote,

    But at least the Cubs got done earlier.

  5. Stu wrote,

    Yes…could have been just as effective if the setting were Minnesota, San Diego, Anaheim…

  6. James Finn Garner wrote,

    This is one of my favorite poems this year.

    I know the previous night had been one for the record books, but there are plenty of commentators talking about that. This is part of the game too.

  7. Stu wrote,

    I’m blushing.

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