Short Ode to Futility

By Bobby Wall

Woe be to the nation’s fourth largest town
Houstonians always wore frown
Same legacy to St Louis’ Browns
Took Lord Baltimore’s town to gain a crown

1870 started the Braves in Beantown
Save for a ’14 miracle, they always went down
Never a final game winner strode the mound
Took til Atlanta for a winner to be found


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Short Ode to Futility: 1 Comment

  1. Elliott Kolker wrote,

    We both moved to Bo Bo, there met Bobby Wall,
    Like immigrants past, became friends through baseball,
    Though he moved back east, our good friendship remains,
    “Shared Love of the Game” through shared emails maintains.
    He’s Georgian, in high school, Braves moved to his scene,
    In bleachers, an usher when he’s just sixteen,
    Past forty in Bo Bo when “Braves…winner…found,”
    Excited, forgot in Milwaukee once crowned;
    I’m pleased for my buddy; His poem I extol,
    Inspired, from first line, this title I stole:

    Fourth Largest Town
    The Village Elliott: 5/15

    When young, Philadelphia’s fourth largest town,
    Unlike Hub, had yet won NL Series’ crown,
    Just Mister Mack’s A’s reversed Philly fans’ frown,
    But if not on top, finished far fucking down.

    To KC A’s moved, soon moved west without crown,
    In Oakland revived, four times crowned with renown,
    The Phillies, in same span, twice reversed fans’ frown,
    Yet, Philly remains Rocky Balboa’s town.

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