Some Clerihews for the Tigers’ Starting Rotation

by James Finn Garner

Justin Verlander
On the mound don’t meander.
He comes from Old Virginny
And his fastball isn’t finny.

Max Scherzer
While pitching couldn’t be terzer.
Blue eye or brown
He’ll mow your lineup down.

Sanchez (Anibal)
Might be a cannibal
The way he feasts on the gray matter
Of batters.

Doug Fister
Will get a blister
If he don’t lay off of all
Those fireballs.


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Some Clerihews for the Tigers’ Starting Rotation: 2 Comments

  1. Michael X. Ferraro wrote,

    Rick Porcello
    The unmentioned fellow
    Broke in as a twenty year old terror,
    But last year lead the league in errors.

  2. Paul Kocak wrote,

    These *clearly hew* to poetic portraiture.

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