South Side Fireworks, Inside

by James Finn Garner


On Opening Day at the Cell,
Amidst the ravening horde,
The men’s room witnessed a tryst ‘twixt
A South Side lady and lord.

All the prudes and official blue-noses
Who by this action were floored
Should think of the White Sox’s condition
And be grateful that somebody scored.

Posted 4/26/10

Published in Chicago White Sox, Fans, James Finn Garner, Pure doggerel, Scandals | Link to this poem | 1 Comment

South Side Fireworks, Inside: 1 Comment

  1. Anonymous wrote,

    A SUGGESTION (nothing more)

    On Opening Day at the Cell
    ‘Midst the ravening horde
    The men’s room witnessed a tryst
    ‘Twixt South Side lady and lord

    All prudes & blue-nosed officials
    Should think the White Sox’s condition
    By this action floored
    & be grateful somebody scored

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