Sparky Anderson

by James Finn Garner

The snowy hair
The doleful stare
The mangled speech
The subtle preach
The dubious start
The gentle heart
The hook that stings
Three Series rings
The postgame pipe
The misplaced hype
Shaggy dog stories
Humble glories
A light gone dark
We’ll miss you, Spark

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Sparky Anderson: 4 Comments

  1. el duque wrote,

    Love it, Ike.

    At your sister station, don’t forget this one…

  2. James Finn Garner wrote,

    Of course, I referred to that epic, which is more like The Waste Land than this one.

  3. Ember Nickel wrote,

    Thanks for that link! I enjoyed this one as well (the jump from “stings” to “rings” was very effective).

  4. Stu wrote,

    Well challenged, Jim.

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