Spence and Cain and It Looks Like Rain

by James Finn Garner

Hunter Pence showed how it’s done
Hitting three times instead of one
Earning a futile “Whazz-muh–?”
From an addled Peter Kozma.

And from the mound, young Matt Cain
Gave the Cards a Giant pain.
The contest called by Buster Posey
Came up smelling like a rosey.

So it’s the Coasts, both West and Third.
No more miracles for the Birds.
Plus, TV watchers praise their luck:
Coitus interruptus for McCarver and Buck.

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Spence and Cain and It Looks Like Rain: 3 Comments

  1. Stephen Jones wrote,

    I like the last stanza especially. Soul mates (sole mates too?) McCarver and Buck – the only interuptus are the commercials.

  2. Michael X. Ferraro wrote,


  3. James Finn Garner wrote,

    Wait for our new dance mix coming up soon, “Whazz-muh Style!”

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