Spring Injury Report, 2011

by James Finn Garner

Zach Grienke’s arm is hinky.
Jake Peavy’s feeling skeevy.
Adam Wainwright’s wing ain’t right.
Rich Harden’s asked for pardon.
Brad Lidge is off a smidge.
That goes ditto for Johnny Cueto.

And an inflamed elbow is causing
Pain for Jason Isringhausen.

Thank God for March,
So these great apes
Have one less month
To fall out of shape.

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Spring Injury Report, 2011: 3 Comments

  1. James Finn Garner » Blog Archive » They're Dropping Like Flies wrote,

    […] My first new baseball poem of the year, up today on Bardball: Spring Injury Report, 2011 […]

  2. Daiana wrote,

    oh my god my jaw is on the floor! these vignettes are the most wofnerdul short movies and I’m crying because I have to live vicariously through your exciting adventures.. how lucky your children are to be able to experience the world. I look forward to seeing your upcoming travels. Happy belated birthday to Franny! My son Matthew became a teenager on the 28th. I wish you happy and safe travels!

  3. Khan wrote,

    Happy Birthday FinnI really atrpeciape how generous you are with your gifts during your trip. Thank you for sharing your heart, thoughts and wisdom. I really look forward to meeting you when your tour takes you to Arizona!3 Cheers for FinnHip Hip HoorayHip Hip HoorayHip Hip Hooray

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