Tainted Bud

by the Village Elliott

Once the Hall was for those who were studs
Whose names were not dragged through the mud.
Seems no longer the case
With Bud Selig in place,
Sets new precedent with tainted Bud.


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Tainted Bud: 1 Comment

  1. Elliott Kolker wrote,

    There is something about his induction that chaps my hide. Would you buy a used car from Bud?

    Three things condemn Bud Selig for me,
    All-Star/Series Home Field travesty,
    New ballpark for the A’s,
    But the worst in all ways,
    Is his Steroid hypocrisy.

    In time, I hope Bud’s induction red flags the hypocrisy of the inclusion of those from the Steroid Era who benefited from the production of those ostracized, non-players such as Selig, La Russa, et. al. hopefully those condemned, like Bonds, Clemens and McGwire while then join those suspected but exonerated, like Piazza, Pudge and Bagwell.

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