Tarp Bailout

by James Finn Garner

Of all the things that vex the Cubs —
That same sad old refrain —
From day games to Bartman to billy goats
We can add to that roster “rain”.

Rolling out the tarp may look simple
Hardly “mechanical”, ’tis true
Yet what can go wrong surely will go wrong
For those bleeding Cubby blue

The Giants have something to play for
And were lucky to get the game suspended.
The Cubs are still playing “Chicago’s Got Talent!”
But watching them can’t be recommended.


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Tarp Bailout: 1 Comment

  1. Stephen Jones wrote,

    Nice. Much like.

    One wonders: If Houston – which has fallen off the TV and fan planets – can win road games at Yankee Stadium, what is Chicago complaining about? Why are the Cubbies being less than gracious when it has both planets in favorable alignment in its house?

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