by Philip Pecorino

More than the assemblage of players who will rotate their postures
from defense to offense,
who will take up positions from home plate to the fences,
more than the lineup and pitching rotation,
more than the lead off and then some to the closer,
a spirit that is summoned when the assemblage takes the field
their tasks and dreams to pursue:
but not supernatural, instead, it is quite actual

When they come together,
in stadium, lot, field, yard or park in any form of weather,
in day or night, it is thereĀ  in clear sight:
the element beyond mere addition of nine on a field
to be seen when it is present, even more when absent,
a thing of beauty in a 3-6-3 or a 8-2 putout at the plate.

In coming together, in play after play, as if in a dream,
onlookers may say it is what it does seem:
they are playin’ as a team!


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