The Bridges of Madison (Bumgarner)

by Stephen Jones

His big presence on the mound
Leaves batters feeling unsound.
(At 0.39, his ERA
Is the lowest in post-season play.)
If Clint Eastwood was in the picture,
It might be “Ace Immune to Pressure.”


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The Bridges of Madison (Bumgarner): 1 Comment

  1. Jay Kenny wrote,

    Bumgarner DOES seem cool, calm and collected and the hitters DO seem baffled. Oddly enough, I believe that the Cardinals outfielder, Oscar Taveras, who was just killed in the auto accident in the Dominican Republic, hit a homer against Bumgarner in the NLCS.

    Peavy is on the hill for the Giants tonight: he is a good deal more vulnerable, so I’d say the Royals have a fair chance of pushing the Series into a Game 7.

    Nevertheless: Go Giants!

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