The Cream and the Clerihew (Biogenesis Edition)

By James Finn Garner and Stuart Shea

Alex Rodriguez,
A swing and a mezz.
To avoid having his paycheck shorn
Will take more than a magical unicorn.

Bud Selig
Don’t much dig
Guys who drug up to keep their bodies from wearin’
Unless, of course, they’re Henry Aaron.

Nelson Cruz
Is going to lose
If he appeals his case
And people throw his minor league records in his face.

Bud Selig
If he were like “Zelig”
Would appear at different points in time
And let others be punished for his crimes.

Jhonny Peralta
Didn’t say it wasn’t his fault-a.
He’ll take his suspension
To not jeopardize his pension.

Bud Selig
Is a useless relic
From when players did what they were told
And owners hoarded all the gold.


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