The Fan Must First Admit He Has a Problem

by Hilary Barta

This season the Cubbies are ghastly.
The team’s overpaid something vastly.
.     Against ne’er -do-well clubs,
.     these error-prone schlubs
are beaten so bad they’ll end lastly.

The Cub fan deserves our attention.
Their club’s always out of contention.
.     Yet they patiently cheer
.     as they wait til next year.
What they need is a team intervention.


Check out the rest of Hilary’s rhyme and illustration work at LimerWrecks.

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The Fan Must First Admit He Has a Problem: 3 Comments

  1. Paul Erickson wrote,

    You have to hit rock-bottom before you can recover from an addiction. But how can Cubs fans ever know if they’ve hit rock-bottom?

  2. Todd wrote,

    Oh, they hit rock bottom decades ago … and since then, I hear, jackhammers have been lowered into the hole to allow more effective digging.

  3. Hilary Barta wrote,

    There is a 12 step program–and it leads away from Wrigley.

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