The First Game, Far and Away

by Hilary Barta

Spring Training is over, hey, hey
And the Cubs play their first game away
That fact isn’t strange
But can’t they arrange
To start without interleague play?


Hilary Barta provides limericks and giggles everyday at his site, LimerWrecks.

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The First Game, Far and Away: 4 Comments

  1. Mxferraro wrote,

    Nice one! And agreed- it’s like a scheduling balk.

  2. Stephen Jones wrote,

    Must be the times we live in — like the Mets playing KC right off the proverbial bat. Like college football, which schedules primetime matchups first thing in September — because rating and sponsors rule.

  3. Mark Braun wrote,

    Well done! And yes, like Stephen said, it’s ratings. AND it’s out of town during SNOW!

  4. Hilary Barta wrote,

    Right off the proverbial bat,
    We smell a fat ratings-fed rat.
    The Cubs versus As?
    We open with nays!
    The league leaves we fans feeling flat.

    For Stephen Jones

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