The Punch Heard ‘Round the World

by Stephen Jones

In baseball, since time began,
Players and clubs never forget.
What you did, you Blue Jay man,
We’ll repay . . . That you can bet.

Bautista must’ve known this
When he faced off with Texas.
His flip of the bat last year
Really burned the Rangers’ ear:
The unwritten code was broken
And some revenge must be taken.

He got plugged and went to first–
That should’ve ended Ranger thirst.
But when he slid hard into second,
Mr. Bautista didn’t reckon
He’d end up in a stadium ring
With Odor, who took the first swing.

Now, of course, it’s all the news
On ESPN, YouTube and other venues.


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The Punch Heard ‘Round the World: 3 Comments

  1. Elliott Kolker wrote,

    “Sprawl Ball”
    The Village Elliott: 5/17/16

    None better, when Joe Medwick played Ball,
    Throwing last punch in a baseball brawl,
    Odor, pissed at Juan’s flip,
    Punched out Bautista’s lip,
    But when Ducky flipped Diz, Dean would sprawl,

  2. Stephen Jones wrote,

    Hah-hah! Actually, it was Bautista’s jaw, which must’ve been made out of steel. That was a boxer’s punch.

  3. James Kenny wrote,

    Well, this up-ends the description of baseball fights by Bill (Spaceman) Lee (former Red Sox pitcher)who said most on-field brawls had players looking like “hookers swinging their purses.” Looked more like a scene from another John Wayne western: I’m not gonna hit you. I’m not gonna hit you. Like Hell, I’m not.

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