The Supressed Passion of Derek Lee

By James Finn Garner

“Derrek Lee said 2009 is just one of “those years” and believes the Cubs don’t have to make many changes to get back to playoff form.  “It could be totally different [in 2010],” the first baseman said.”  — Chicago Tribune, 9/8/2009

This season’s been a let-down.
Except for a bad break or two,
We might be in the thick of things
Instead of trailing by 22.

Heaven knows we tried our best.
You can’t blame us guys on the team.
Every day is a titanic struggle,
No matter how blasé we may seem.

You can’t force these things to happen.
You can’t get too low or too high.
I hope the fans can understand
As another season’s drifted by.

Posted 9/9/2009

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