The True Godfather of Our Game

by the Village Elliott

For Daniel Lucius “Doc” Adams (11/1/1814-1/3/1899)

Doc Adams, with newly claimed fame,
Now “The Man” whom historians name–
Not Doubleday, not Wright,
Or Doc’s teammate, Cartwright–
As “The True Godfather of Our Game.”


For more on Adams and his hand in drafting the “Laws of Baseball” as president of the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club, click here.

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The True Godfather of Our Game: 4 Comments

  1. Roger wrote,

    Love it! Can find out mode information on Doc Adams at

  2. Elliott Kolker wrote,

    I am a member of Bill James on LINE.
    Thread: Doc Adams: #2; 5:09 PM, 4/1/16:

    rgregory:/Robert Gregory has been awarded the SABR Nineteenth Century Research Committee’s “2016 Chairman’s Award.”

    “Chairmacher Bob”
    For Robert Gregory
    Recipient of the SABR Nineteenth Century Research
    Committee’s “2016 Chairman’s Award.”
    The Village Elliott: 7/16

    “Mahzel Tov SABR Chairmacher, Bob,
    You’ve been doing one hell of a job,”
    Doc Adams and Deacon
    Rave “Bob shined the beacon
    On our Old Nineteenth Century Mob.”

    Marjorie (Doc’s great-granddaughter) and I have been e-mailing back and forth on a very regular basis for about two years now. We met at a SABR meeting and hit it off, especially once I told her that Doc Adams for the Hall was a pet project of mine. We (among others) have spent hours campaigning for Doc. This past April, Marjorie met Mindy at the 19th Century SABR Conference, and they are like long lost best friends. Provided Docgets elected this go-round, Marjorie has already invited Mindy and me (again, among many) to join her in the celabration in Cooperstown next July. If my health is good enough, I plan on being there in the front row, cheering wildly during Marjorie’s Induction speech for Doc, just as I did for Deacon White in 2013. In many ways, Mindy is just as excited as I am.
    #10: 6:43 AM: 5/4/16; rgregory
    V-E, may I have your permission to send your Doc poem to Marjorie Adams?
    #11: 743 AM: 5/4/16; villageelliott:
    Please do; I’d be honored.
    #12: 3:38 AM: 5/6/16; rgregory:
    V-E, Marjorie enjoyed your poem, calling it “SO CLEVER!!!”
    #13: 11:11 PM: 5/6/16: villageelliott: (The following is what I posted on site:)

    Thank you for sending Marjorie the poem. I am pleased she enjoyed it.

  3. Marjorie Adams wrote,

    Thank you so much for that fantastic poem! Doc is deeply honored and we are both grateful for your literary skills! The best part of this Hall of Fame journey is the wonderful new friends we are making along the way: Bob and Mindy Gregory are among the finest examples.

  4. Elliott Kolker wrote,

    Highest Praise, Indeed. I’d be honored if you asked James for my email address or ask him to send me yours. as we used to sing.

    May the Circle Be Unbroken.

    somehow didn’t post at time resent at least 12 hours later

    Good thing I checked

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