The Well-Dressed Ball Player

by Jim Siergey

Let’s start at the top with Cap Anson
and then Jersey Bakley, so handsome

Brandon Belt, quite aptly,
holds Pants Rowland up snappily

Socks Seibold with style
makes Charlie Spikes smile

Gary Glover to catch the ball,
likewise with George Mitterwald

And to hold everything in place
Jocko Conlon, just in case.


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The Well-Dressed Ball Player: 5 Comments

  1. Elliott Kolker wrote,

    Simpson, on the road, will carry
    Team Clothes’ suitcase ; Wont you, Harry?

  2. Anonymous wrote,

    Shoeless Joe is left out once again.

  3. Hilary Barta wrote,

    That wasn’t “Anonymous”–that was me!

  4. siergey wrote,

    When it’s cold, call on Jim Coates.

  5. mxferraro wrote,

    Dave Parka got the cold shoulder, too! nicely done. I’d buy all of them at a tag sale.

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