The World Series: From Worst-To-First in Boston

by Stephen Jones

Today’s Boston papers proclaim to millions
“We Are The World – We Are The Champions”
While outside sources observe distantly
“Beards Beat Birds In World Series Finale”.

What impressed me, despite Big Papi’s MVP,
Was Boston’s locked-in baseball mentality.  The
Beer and chicken wings, and Valentine, were over,
Replaced now by focused Red Sox team fervor.

Pundits say it is money which holds the day
(After all, many teams are built by green sway).
I wonder: Yes, many teams don’t lack for salary, but
Their locker rooms aren’t built by such currency.


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The World Series: From Worst-To-First in Boston: 2 Comments

  1. Jay Kenny wrote,

    I like that: “Beards beat Birds,” which could have been the other way around (although, if you looked carefully, you would have noticed that some of the Birds wore Beards, too) and I am happy for my friends who are true-blue “Sawx” fans, sticking with them through the sad years. But now that they’ve won it all, I can go back to hating them again in April. As every fan of the “Evil Empire” (Yankees) must.

  2. Tony wrote,

    Although my knowledge is limited, i think the better team won.


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