The Yankees – Losing, Looking Forward (After Joe Girardi’s Press Conerence)

by Stephen Jones

No doubt the nosebleed naysayers will gloat.
Now its their time to swing a bat and root:
If The Yankees lose, well . . . Ha! Let ’em rot!
Good! They can pay for their present lot.

No tears, no doubt. And much will be made
in the media, of what is done and said
by management – now that suddenly
it became the offseason so dismally.

Father Time is at bat in New York City.
So too is the present-future legacy,
a long-term chain like Jacob Marley’s,
of older players, contracts and money

still in place. Who will go? And who will stay?
Rebuild or regroup? It is hard to say.
Right now this sudden baseball closure
has some wondering about the future.

Is it a quip a la the Marx Brothers:
See you in the future – or the pasture?

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