The Yankees Losing & My Angst

by Stephen Jones

Right now, The Yankees are playing
Like a bunch of talent not thinking.
Often it leaves me head scratching.

Baseball is a part of my long hot summer –
True, expectations weren’t high this year –
But this new mental swoon is team disaster.

Truth be told, win or lose I’ll watch the team,
But when it splits its collective mental seam
My rational thought leaves the room.

What’s happening is not Baseball 101.
No, this is baseball being undone.
My team win or lose, but where’s the fun?

Blame the pitching, blame the hitting;
To me, it’s summer school . . . of non-thinking.
And right now, it leaves this fan reeling.


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The Yankees Losing & My Angst: 1 Comment

  1. Paul Kocak wrote,

    Well, transpose your fourth word, “Yankees,” with “Giants” and it’s the same story. Angst indeed. First place in the Kierkegaard Division.

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