Tiger, er … Twins Fan

by Mike Galer

The Tigers play so poorly no one complains.
Twins are so good.
My son starts cheering for Twins.
Knows all the players by name.

His love of Minnesota grows to Gophers and Vikings.
The years go by in a flash.
We smile and chuckle and a rivalry is born.
Detroit can’t win, I am forlorn.

My wife plans a trip to the Mall and 10,000 lakes.
On a whim I buy tickets to a game, for heaven sakes.
We go to the dome, it is 97o outside.
Tigers are winning, only I am cheering.

In the eighth Bonderman unravels.
My son turns to me and says, “This was the greatest of travels,”
“The time of my life,” he says with a smile.
I’ve done something right at least this day.

The Tigers lose on cue to make it complete.
Fans are cheering, I stay in my seat.
As an added bonus, kids run the bases.
My wife chortles, “I’m going too!” as she tightens her laces.

We record the day in film and snapshots,
Walk to the subway, eat ice cream with dots.
A few years have passed and the memories are mine,
When Minnesota beat Detroit was just fine.


Posted 10/2/2009

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