Twins Persistence

by James Finn Garner

No matter how many times they’re whacked,

Those pesky Twins keep coming back.


Like a dose of clap on your wedding day,

Those lousy Twins won’t stay away.


Like a yappy dog or a Ringling clown,

Those stinking Twins won’t lay down.


In another division, I’d admire their pluck,

But as a Tiger and Sox fan, it looks like I’m stuck


Watching them ruthlessly turning their tricks

Like a mad masked killer in a teen slasher flick.


Like a zombie army or Ted Williams’ head,

Those #$%@!!  Twins just won’t stay dead.

Posted 10/5/2009

Published in Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers, James Finn Garner, Minnesota Twins, Pure doggerel | Link to this poem | No Comments

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